We are here to help you

Solutions put simply

  • We help medium and small companies with digital transformation
  • We build dynamic web sites of any size running in the cloud or barebones systems for you
  • We develop software based on Open Source technologies using Agile methodology
  • We specialise in DevOps, serverless, containerisation, virtualisation and cloud
  • We can help you to transfer your Windows servers (web and database) to Linux systems to save the costs
  • We can install, manage, administer and help with security for your web servers
  • We can help you to choose best hosting or cloud for your project

Ideal client. Who we get in mind ...

We specialise in backend software application programming. Backend applications are applications which make website alive, connect inputs from web forms to email and database, collect submitted data, present logics behind the scenes etc.
  • You are small to medium business, design agency, web designer, freelancer with designs ready and need implement backend code
  • Ideally you have your website but need advanced features, e.g. add a new form, create dynamic content or fix some broken scripts;
  • or you need double check that your current design agency / developer proposal is reasonable;
  • or you need web server admin, clear hacked server, move site to different host etc;
  • or you need investigate performance of your site and others do not have answers

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Where we are: little town Redditch near Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Generally you can contact us through electronic means of contact (email, web form, Skype etc). Apart from Redditch you can meet us in Worcester or Birmingham (where we cooperate with few design agencies) quite often as well.

Skills and Technologies

  • Frontend / backend web development in PHP, JavaScriot, Python, jQuery, css frameworks etc.
  • Microsite development, API's dynamic applications coding
  • 3rd party software installation (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal etc.)
  • Custom themes and design implementations (Joomla, Drupal etc.)
  • Linux (CentOS, Debian, ubuntu) server administration, monitoring and maintenance
  • Windows servers administration and maintenance
  • MySQL audit, tweaking and performance scaling
  • MS SQL data migration to MySQL
  • Web servers (Apache, lighttpd, Nginx) performance scaling and problems solving
  • Nginx server, php-fpm, apc(u) or memcache, proxy, microcaching including debugging
  • Openx / Revive or BanMan Pro Advert serving networks / servers
  • Shell (bash) scripting, remote backup solutions
  • Office Linux based servers (file server, backup servers - Bacula, Amanda; Samba, email servers)
  • Custom built servers and desktops, hardware upgrade
  • LAN / WAN / Home wireless network set up
  • IT consulting services