We are lucasoft. Originally we were small studio of developers and software engineers interested in Open Source technologies and software. Originally set up in Slovakia. As Slovakia entered EU political structures and we were able to enter labour markets in Western Europe freely - studio members took different professional paths and we split. But, we still work together occasionally, depending on project requirements, scope or size.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect your brand with people through remarkably well working web site.

We are brutally honest in what we do, we extremely value our clients' business , their goals and are absolutely committed to providing the greatest value possible while providing personalized package and one to one experience. We know how to say "No". We know how to listen. And we do. We do not push, but we can say what does not feel right.

We focus on performance, security, uptime, reliability, design criteria and the willingness to work with our clients to overcome their business challenges. We don't just build websites, apps or bespoke software, secure & optimize your server and walk away. We partner with companies to develop long lasting relation which adapts to customers shifting needs and continually grows.

When we do something, we do it fast. We focus on one thing at a time and we focus 100%. There is no under commitment, there is no messing about, there is no procrastination. We expect you to be in a sync. We are in this together. If you can not commit, please, you are welcome to contact us later when you know that you will be committed 100%.

If we can not deliver in timely manner, or we are fully booked, we tell you straight away. If we think project can not be done quickly, because of security, scope, budget or other concerns, we tell you without delay. We work with you on daily basis to overcome any obstacles and we get things done.

Embrace Linux and Open Source

We love new technologies and Linux operating system. Most things we do and use is based on Open Source. We specialize in utilizing Open Source software and solutions into client's business IT infrastructure and product life-cycle.

We readily migrate client systems made and based on proprietary platforms (Windows, RedHat) to community driven Linux based platforms (Centos, Debian, Ubuntu). While this lowers the cost for end client it also often leads to better performance and scalability.

We have years of experience with different aspects of managing, programming, developing, scaling and migrating complex IT systems based on web services and driven by databases. Today, we are mostly office-less entity with employees spanning across two time zones, working on-line.

Helping small businesses to grow

We bring tools, methods and experience to small and medium business which are often available only to big companies. We have years of expertise, we worked with everybody from freelancers to small design studios and even massive price comparison web engines. We work with modern technology, cloud computing and we follow and implement Agile principles and Lean methodology. We pride ourselves in performance optimization, software bug hunting, "best tool for the job" attitude and getting maximum performance from small instances.

We are team of passionate developers, technology experts, design enthusiasts with business acumen brought together by our uncommon dedication to our crafts. We want to create work that leads our industry and we aren't afraid to bring the unique, daring and original into the world.

But, we are not blinded by pride. We fully understand how any business can be overwhelmed by what is going on in IT and technology in general. We explain things in plain English and we carefully consider your circumstances and what is suitable for you. If we think that there are tried and tested tools already available on market - we will provide you with enough information, resources and insights so you can make informed decision. Even if it means it will cost you less or product is free and OpenSource. However, in any case, we certainly will offer you premium, quality service related to your choice.

Web developers for hire

From time to time we are available for hire and you can find us on some popular developer networks. More information about our services and how we can help your business could be seen on our product page.

Or we can be just friends. Please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, if you need any help, advice or just share your thoughts and experience with us.