Projects / Clients

In the past we have been lucky to work with many great clients in the Midlands, United Kingdom. Ranging from small and medium size businesses, to bigger companies with vast array of services and subscribers. We cooperated with creative design agency Ninety Five Creative from Worcester on some web development tasks. We also worked with companies in Slovakia.s

This naturally led to working with various technologies, protocols and advanced server management. While we are fluent in Object Oriented Programming (OOP), skillful with various frameworks and integration of Content Management Systems (CMS) we also believe that lean and less means usually faster and better. We are mainly PHP shop. Using Zend / Symfony / Laravel for every project? That is not our way of doing things. Why, we even don't use them at all unless absolutely necessary - e.g. for Magento shop system integration.

Currently we branch out into cloud, software architecture, scalability, microservices, big data. Creating REST apps and APIs has become daily part of our job. We take interest in functional programming paradigm, too.

Selected former clients and partners

years 2018 - 2022

  •, Birmingham, UK - full time. Making difference by supporting projects with national significance in public sector.

years 2016 - 2018

  •, Lichfield, UK - full time. Making difference by supporting thousands of good causes. Scaling the cloud to deliver best user experience.
  • - our own project. Curated list of handpicked free online resources related to IT, cloud, bigdata, programming languages, devops, software architecture etc. Fresh news and community maintained list of links updated daily.

year 2015

  •, Lichfield, UK - full time. Multiple comparison web engines, optimizing performance for high traffic US, UK based.

year 2014

  • - server administration, recovery and emergency rescue
  • - mail server management, recovery and emergency rescue

year 2011

  • - implemented site redesign, streamlined and recoded
  • Email servers, web email for town hall (council) in Michalovce, Slovakia
  • Email servers maintenance for Gecom s.r.o, they moved some servers to VMware Virtualization
  • infrastructure changes, new ISP, service and load Balancing in Germany, Netherlands and UK
  • Help to move some services to Cloud
  • Brammer manufacturing forums web development in cooperation with Worcester web design agency -

year 2010

  • New Magento shop for, complete revamp and coding
  • - ecommerce solution and backend coding
  • web site coding + nginx,php-fpm server hosting for better performance
  • site revamp and coding
  • ISP Portal project development for Gecom s.r.o. , Slovakia - Phase II
  • Project reporting system for BIC Bratislava
  • Cultural and Information Center of Africans in Slovakia web site

year 2009

  • New booking system for Kays theatre group, Worcester
  • New web site for
  • New web page for
  • ISP Portal project development for Gecom s.r.o. , Slovakia