Text tools

Type in the sentence you want to work with. Then click one of the buttons for text transformation.

Scroll down to see the explanation for each case. We recommend Sentence or Title case!


About text tools.

Text tools is a collection of useful text processing utilities for programmers. Or when you need to quickly adjust your tweet or Instagram post.

After your text was transposed using selected text utility, just press "Copy to clipboard" button to store it in device clipboard.

Sentence case.

This is a simplified sentence case. It involves capitalizing the first word of the paragraph.

Upper case.

Upper case involves capitalizing of the every word in the paragraph.

Lower case.

Loower case involves transposing paragraph to a lower case.

Kebab case.

The practice of writing identifiers using hyphens instead of spaces.

Title case.

The capitalization of text in which the first letter of each major word is set in capital.

Snake case.

The practice of writing identifiers using underscores instead of spaces.

Camel case.

The style of writing by concatenating multiple component words, (i.e., writing without any space between them), while capitalizing the first letter of each word, starting with the second word.