Welcome to lucasoft

We are lucasoft. Originally we were small studio of developers and software engineers interested in Open Source technologies and software. Founded and set up in Slovakia. As Slovakia entered EU political structures and we were able to enter labour markets in Western Europe freely - studio members took different professional paths and we split. However we still work together occasionally, depending on project size and requirements.

Embrace Linux and Open Source

We love new technologies and Linux operating system. Most things we do and tools we work with are based on Open Source. We specialize in utilizing Open Source software and solutions into clients business IT infrastructure and product life-cycle.

We readily help you migrate client systems made and based on proprietary platforms (Windows, RedHat) to community driven Linux based platforms (Centos, Debian, Ubuntu). While this lowers the cost for you it also often leads to better performance and scalability.

We have years of experience with different aspects of managing, programming, developing, scaling and migrating complex IT systems based on web services and driven by databases. Today, we are mostly office-less entity with employees spanning across two time zones, working online.

Software Development - bespoke solutions

We provide tailored solutions which fit the way you work and pull all of your existing data and applications together.

Custom software applications can include any aspect of your business from areas such as sales, finance or data sharing and booking systems. We can design your software to integrate with your existing applications, ensuring compatibility whilst providing a positive experience for your customers.

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Technologies we employ

At lucasoft we are comfortable using a number of technologies and we have a wide range of experience across the internet and related fields.

However, we mainly use technologies which are going to be deployed on Linux servers due to their excellent performance / price ratio, scalability options and the fact that most software on Linux is Open Source. While we often deploy PHP, MySQL, Apache and Linux (collectively known as LAMP) we also write code in Python, Go, Lua, jQuery and are able to accomodate Microsoft servers and products including MS SQL and IS web servers.

We specialize in web site optimization in order to achieve high perfomance on modestly priced hardware and cloud. While we do not own hardware or datacentres we have personal experiences with various companies in Europe and US offering servers rentals. We only deploy your infrastracture to acclaimed server providers we used in the past ourselves.

Software, web developers for hire

From time to time we are available for hire and you can find us on some popular developer networks. More information about our services and how we could help your business could be seen on our product pages.