Affordable Pricing

We are generally available for freelancing if you let us know in advance. Our workload is normally planned for few months in advance and usually it is hard to reschedule our diary for few following weeks.

From time to time we can take urgent or disaster recovery type of work for supplement charge. All work will be done during night hours usually.

Hourly rates are affordable and start at £28GBP per hour for HTML, CSS, scripting languages and general web development. Hourly rates for Linux server administration and MySQL database design, recovery or tuning start at £40GBP. If mixture of techniques (PHP, CSS,JQuery, Python, MySQL and / or Linux) is required daily charge is usually £220 - £320GBP.

Quick price list

  • Web development (HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, PHP, Python etc.) @ £28GBP per hour
  • MySQL performance tunning and database design @ £45GBP per hour
  • Linux server maintenance, administration @ £320GBP per day
  • First time buyer minimum order is £250GBP

All prices are subject to change. Individual pricing possible on per project and client basis.

Value added tax (VAT): Please note that we are NOT VAT registered business. This information might affect your price calculation if you are VAT registered business in Europe.