How this site was built

Mini is way to go

Ever wondered how we built this microsite?

We endorse mini and micro PHP (and other pogramming languages) frameworks (fat-free f3, slim, klein, micro Phalcon, and when possible we do not avoid to deploy functional programming. In the end, pure functional PHP is faster than any framework. Sometimes many times faster. You might want to check TechEmpower Web Framework Benchmarks and see the performance benchmarks for group of web related tasks. You will be able to filter results by programming language, database and even a framework.

For this site we do not use Wordpress, Drupal or any usual content management system. This site used to run on mini KVM instance with Servers NV - no fuss UK provider. While mini plan we had with them was OK, we needed better IO performance. Currently site is using OVH Virtual Private Servers (VPS) - compute instance based on OpenStack KVM technology. Site is also powered by PHP and Fat-Free (F3) mini framework, Redis key-value NoSQL data store, Nginx web server and Ink css framework. Any artwork, front and back-end code was designed and coded by hand or using online generators (artwork). We also utilize images, pictures and infographics shared via Creative Common licensing.

Technology list

  • nginx and php-fpm with APC, nginx microcaching for PHP set up
  • PHP, MariaDB
  • Redis - advanced key-value store
  • FatFree (F3) mini framework for PHP
  • Ink CSS framework
  • Open Source fonts - hosted by Google
  • Awesome fonts - iconic font and css toolkit