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PHP Lightweight Framework Comparison Time - archive 2011

Published: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 by Rad

Been in PHP for some time I decided to streamline my production and development time a bit. Also working with designer studios and bunch of web designers (who frankly don't care about underlying technology and only reason they live is to demand this line to be moved few pixels in unpossible place) not always enables for developer to decide what tools to use. I have been in PHP 5 exclusively now for almost 3 years using mainly raw OOP techniques directly with few third party classes. Some projects involved Zend Framework and a lot of Magento - which is again Zend. I finally decided that time is right to have a look into modern PHP Frameworks. Read more ...

Upgrading home, office network to 1Gbit - archive 2010

Published: Sat, 06 Mar 2010 by Rad

The past five years have seen an increasing industrialisation of the cyber criminal marketplace. Specialisms such as malware authoring, counter-AV testing, exploit kits, spamming, hosting, money-muling, and card cloning are becoming miniature markets of their own. Crime as a service is a reality, lowering the barrier to entry for budding criminals and fuelling the growing threat, year after year. Read more ...