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Software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material such as banners or pop-ups when a user is online. The advertisements may be in the user interface of the software or on a screen presented to the user during the installation process. The functions may be designed to analyze which Internet sites the user visits and to present advertising pertinent to the types of goods or services featured there. The term is sometimes used to refer to software that displays unwanted advertisements

Some software is offered in both an advertising-supported mode and a paid, advertisement-free mode. The latter is usually available by an online purchase of a license or registration code for the software that unlocks the mode, or the purchase and download of a separate version of the software

The Internet is a dangerous place to be in the 21st century. Unscrupulous people using malicious software are finding ingenious ways to access your information or lead you into spending money.

  • Spybot - malware removed, designed for basic use but offers complex menus and information for advanced users
  • Malwarebytes - malware detection and removal software, often finds malware not detected by other tools - no real time protection with free version
  • SuperAntiSpyware - detects and removes malware, no real time protection with freeware version

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